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We are an Information Technology company focused on helping people start their career in IT.
We provide mentoring and coaching services as well as consulting for IT companies. If you’re interested in starting your career join a demo course and see how the process works.


Web Development is the top area where programming skills are used. Creating dynamic websites and web applications has been around for many years and it continues to evolve. Learning web development will ensure a stable career for many years, most likely until you retire


The Efesent team is constantly working and collaborating with IT companies world-wide, ensuring that everything you learn is in line with the market needs. More than this, if at any point our mentors notice a match between you and a company, we will immediately send your resume and a recommendation


Learning with Efesent will expose you to the top technologies used by IT companies and will help you develop the skills for mastering most of the projects. The courses will help you learn the top technologies used for web development (ranging from PHP, GO, MySQL to Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud technologies) and the soft skills needed for working in an IT company (ranging from team-work, working in a SCRUM environment and preparing your for interviews).


Our services are truly crafted for you and your personality. If you are a self-learner we will guide you with materials and exercises, if you are a team learner we will make you part of a group that matches your level. If you want to learn at night, after your job, in the morning or from the beach, we are flexible

PHP – Web development courses


PHP is the most popular programming language for building web applications. From small companies to big corporations, PHP is powering more than 50% of the web pages that are online at this time. It’s also one of the easiest programming languages to learn.


GO – Web development courses


Go is a programming language developed by Google which is very popular for developing small to medium applications. It works on any operating system and is very performant. Many companies are using GO in a micro-services architecture. Learning GO is not as straightforward as PHP, but once you learn it, you can easily advance your career